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At Home Insemination 12 Refill Kit

At Home Insemination 12 Refill Kit

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At Home Insemination 12 Refill Kit

Kit includes;

  • 12 x Sterile Cups
  • 12 x Sterile Syringe

The At-Home Insemination 12 Refill Kit, tailored for experienced at-home insemination practitioners, includes 12 sterile syringes and 12 sterile cups, providing an excellent option for restocking vital tools. This choice ensures a generous supply for repeated use, ideal for individuals seeking to replenish their insemination supplies.

Undoubtedly, when initiating the at-home insemination process. Inseminmate products emerge as invaluable assets. Not only do these products prioritize quality and accessibility, but they also offer an array of tools and resources essential for the journey. Furthermore, designed to simplify the insemination process, our products provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring ease at every stage. Consequently, individuals can confidently approach their fertility journey, knowing they have reliable and supportive products readily available.

While embarking on the journey of at-home insemination. Inseminmate products serve as invaluable assets. With a focus on quality and accessibility. Our range of tools and resources offers individuals the necessary support. Additionally, our products are designed to simplify the insemination process. Guiding users through each step with ease. As a result, individuals can approach their fertility journey confidently, knowing they have reliable and supportive products at their disposal.


Inseminmate is not a licensed medical professional; therefore, the information provided should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Furthermore, any medical information Inseminmate offers is for informational purposes only. It's crucial to always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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Insemination syringe

The sterile insemination syringe, also known as a bulb syringe, vaginal applicator, sperm syringe, or fertility syringe, is a unique and essential tool for those looking to conceive through home insemination. With its bulb-shaped end, the insemination syringe allows for greater control over the flow of semen during insemination, increasing the chances of successful fertilization. It creates a seal against the cervix, preventing semen from leaking out and depositing it directly into the ideal location for fertilization to occur, the cervix oruterus.

Specimen Cups

Specimen cups are an essential component of a home insemination kit. They are designed to enable safe and hygienic collection and measurement of semen, which is crucial for those trying to conceive. Made of plastic, specimen cups are sterile and come with a lid or cap to ensure that the collected semen remains clean and uncontaminated.


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Customer Reviews

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maegan roy

At Home Insemination 12 Refill Kit

Kim Soerensen

Perfect product - easy to use and produced soft and smooth materials. Very fast delivery despite destination is Denmark. Already ordered next delivery to some friends.

Thikra Denha

12 Refill Kit


We bought the pack of 12 insemination syringes. They’re very easy to use and comfortable. My only suggestion is wider mouth sterile jars to make it easier for husbands to “catch the sample”. The customer service is 10/10.