How I Found Hope and Motherhood

How I Found Hope and Motherhood

Hey, I'm Trinity, the one behind Inseminmate. Wanted to share my story with you. Just recently, I had my daughter Lola with the help of a donor. Back in 2022, I found out I was expecting my son Blaise. At that time, my relationship was rocky, dealing with cheating. Pregnancy wasn't smooth sailing with Blaise; I felt sick all the time. He came 2 weeks early at 38 weeks and 1 day, had trouble breathing, and ended up in the NICU because of some neglect. It was tough, and after two painful days, I had to let him go.

Losing Blaise left me lost, not knowing what to do next. I didn't want to rely on relationships anymore, so I turned to a donor for another shot at being a mom. Dealing with PCOS made it harder to get pregnant. The cycle I fell pregnant I used the cervix sperm cup, At-Home IUI ICI Insemination Kit, and the At-Home Insemination Starter Kit. I had a feeling I was pregnant during those two weeks of waiting, with tender boobs and cramps. Seeing that positive pregnancy test was the best feeling ever.

Looking back, my pregnancy journey was surprisingly smooth and stress-free. I opted for a C-section and welcomed Lola into the world. I'm proud of Inseminmate, not just because it helped me, but because it's helped so many others too.

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